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Volvo Bodyshop at Archbold Carshop

Accident & Repair

Statistically all of us will at some point be witness to or involved in an accident out on the road. Be it a scrape, bump or smash, the experience is never pleasant and we believe getting your car repaired shouldn’t add to the stress.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to meet with an accident, you’ll want to ensure the repairs to your Volvo are carried out to manufacturer standards so it appears as though your car was never in an accident at all.

We are a Volvo Approved body shop which means we are part of Volvo’s Approved network. We always recommend getting your car repaired through Volvo's Approved Bodyshop network to maintain your vehicle’s safety and quality standards. Our body and paint shop comply with Volvo’s competence standards. We carry out repairs which are just as good as you’d get in Gothenburg (the home of Volvo).

As a Volvo Approved body shop, we only ever use Volvo Genuine Parts which means all repairs, mechanical and cosmetic, are warranty friendly. Our trained technicians will take great care of your Volvo and return it to its former self. We provide a 5-year guarantee on all Volvo repairs. This is backed by Volvo themselves. You have the legal right to choose where your car is repaired, even if you seek repairs through your insurance company. Whether you are going through your insurer or seeking repairs independently, we are here to help.

From minor issues like scuffed alloys and door dings to more complex issues like keyed paintwork and crash damage, we are equipped with the latest Volvo tooling and equipment to repair your car to Volvo’s factory standards.

You won’t find a more experienced team than ours. Please contact us if your Volvo needs repairing following an accident.